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Our Challenging Workout 

Mixes Full Body High-Intensity Interval Training With Traditional Boot Camp-Style Workouts!


Our "Healthy" MISSION

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To Get The "Lean, Toned & Fit Body Of Your Dreams"!

Join"The REDFOX Fitness"!

Be INSPIRED To "Get Fit"!

From Inspiration To Motivation - Terri Lynn & The REDFOX Fitness Team, Will Help You Boost Your Metabolism & BURN Fat FAST To Get Lean, Toned & Fit!


Whether You Want To Increase Strength, Flexibility & Cardio Capacity; Decrease Body Fat Percentage Or Develop Balance & Coordination - We Can Help Make It Happen!


From Completely Changing Your Physique To Simply Making Minor Changes & Fine Tuning It......We Promise You Will Get The "Lean, Toned & Fit Body Of Your Dreams"!



"Burn Fat FAST"!

Our Challenging Workout 

Mixes Full Body High-Intensity Interval Training With Traditional Boot Camp-Style Workouts!

"Get Your Game On"!

Our "Four-Week Program" Will Help Improve Your Athletic Skills & Increase Strength; Be Ready To Hit The Court Or Links!

"Get Lean & Fit"!

Our Sessions Are Suitable For Any & ALL Levels Of Fitness!  Everyday Fitness Buffs; Beginner To Top Athletes!  

"Just Eat Clean"!

Our Meal "Planning" & Weight-Management Consulting Services Will Help You With All Of Your 'Eating Clean' Goals!

"See Dog Run"!

Our "Four-Week Program"

Is Suitable For All Dogs;

All Fitness Levels, All Sizes,

All Ages > ALL Dogs Welcome!

"See Dog Healthy"!

Our "Four-Week Program"

Is  Suitable For Anyone Who Wants A "Healthy" Dog; A Healthy Dog = A Happy Dog!"


Our "Awesome" CLIENTS




6:00am - 1:00pm Mon-Fri

Our Elite Athlete/Runners Come To You! Dog Walks, Jogs Or Runs Are 

Near Your Home, Apt / Condo Building

Or Nearby Park / Rec Area!



6:00am - 11:00am Mon-Sat

Private Fitness Sessions Are At Your Home, A Park, Beach/Pool Or School Track; All You Need Is A Mat, Small Weights, Water &  A "Get Fit" Attitude!



6:00am - 1:00pm Daily

Whether You Prefer The Outdoors As 

An Alternative To Gyms; Our Group Fitness Instructors Will Push You

To Move You To The Next Level.



Our "Absolute" PROMISE

Professional Certified

Affordable Rates

Background Checked

Flexible Times

Insured & Bonded

Scheduling App


Our "Happy" CLIENTS

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"Terri Lynn has been my Personal Trainer, Coach/Instructor & Mentor for several years.  She has brought discipline to my workout schedule that I could not have achieved on my own.

I highly recommend Terri Lynn's, REDFOX Fitness Training to anyone who is interested in achieving improved cardiovascular & physical conditioning.

Thank you so much Terri Lynn for pushing me & letting me have fun at the same time!"

BARB A., San Diego, CA


"REDFOX Dog Running is so wonderful.  I have used other dog walker/runners in the past, but I am by far more impressed with this company.  Lori is currently running with Sneakers & I love the way she handles him!  


I highly recommend RDR!!  Your four-legged furry friend is your best friend, don't trust them with just anyone, you can definitely trust this company!


Thank you RDR for helping Sneakers and thank you to Lori too!"



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Santa Monica, CA 90403


New York ~ Los Angeles ~ San Francisco

Palm Springs ~ San Diego ~ Napa




MONDAY - FRIDAY 6:00AM - 4:00PM SATURDAY 6:00AM - 4:00PM

SUNDAY 6:00AM - 4:00PM


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